What you may hear from an insurance provider with our honest answers to those statements: 

The statements below are said and done to save the insurance company money, not for your benefit. We work for you, not the insurance company, it’s your car, not theirs.

“Our preferred shop work is guaranteed”

Insurance companies do not guarantee work, the auto body shops do. Auto body shops carry their own guarantees. Be sure to ask them what their guarantee policy is.

“You may have to pay for part of your claim if you do not go to a preferred shop”

Ask your auto body shop about this policy. Most body shops do not go over and above insurance company estimates unless additional work is requested by you, the customer.

“You’ll have to wait longer for adjusters to come look at your vehicle if it is not taken to their recommended direct or preferred shop.”

This could be true, because they want to direct you to their direct repair shop. Peace of mind knowing your vehicle is repaired correctly with no short cuts makes it worth still choosing to come to us.

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